The photo exhibition is the result of a photo competition which has been organized ahead of the Youth Event in order to reach out to a wider public and raise awareness about the issues relevant to the UNAOC. The photos display different perspectives on the topics of the conference. Youth from all over the world have been invited to submit entries in one of the following categories: Perspectives on Religious Pluralism; Freedom of the Media Matters; A new Narrative on Diversity.

The best 24 photographs – among 130 entries – have been chosen for display. Furthermore, the best 5 photos have been printed on postcards which are distributed at the Global Forum – watch out for them! The best 3 photos were awarded with a LOMO Camera and the best photo was awarded with 200 Euros, generously donated by the Federation of Austrian Industries.

Here are the five finalists of the Photo Exhibition:

ahmed hamed

1st Prize Winner – Title of the Photograph: Tahrir Square Prayer

“The photograph was taken during a Friday prayer at the Tahrir Square, Egypt, after the 18 days of revolution in 2011. One of the participants in the prayer placed a cross inside a crescent, showing the spirit of respecting religious pluralism and respecting persons from different religions.“

Photographer: Ahmed Hamed Ahmed (26) Egypt

ben anastase

Title of the Photograph: African Pearl

“A remake of the painting “Girl with a Pearl Earing” by the famous 17th century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer. In reaction to all the discussions in the Netherlands for the last few years regarding immigration and foreigners, I made this photo with a question in mind: Can we, as Africans and persons of African descent, ever be seen in a positive way, as “Pearls”, in this country?”

Photographer: Ben-Anastase Nsabimana (25) The Netherlands

sasha smyrnova

Title of the Photograph: The Dialogue of Nations

“The photograph shows that despite many differences within various cultures, people will always find tools for communication. Age, race, nationality, or language is not important as long as there is a will for communication.”

Photographer: Oleksandra Smyrnova (24) Ukraine

nadja najjar

Title of the Photograph: Brunnenmarkt

“The photo was taken at the Viennese “Brunnenmarkt”, on a Saturday in spring. The photograph shows the multicultural atmosphere at the market, where the men wearing turbans sit in front of Austrian traditional dresses.”

Photographer: Nadja Najjar (18) Austria

wolfgang fischer 2 media

Title of the Photograph: Sharing the Power of Media

“The photograph was taken in Marrakesh at Chaair El Hemra Middle School. It shows two young women, one comes from a city while the other one comes from a village. The photograph describes how the young woman from the city teaches the one from the village how to use various media tools and technologies. “

Photographer: Nada Touil (14) and Ichrak ait Bellkouhia (14) Morocco

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